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Printing Technology - Equipment

Diastasis SA has a large range of printing machines that cover all methods of modern digital printing.


Solvent printers: Print machines that use solvent solutions. The printers print on a wide range of materials with a print resolution from 360 up to 1440 dpi.
UV (ultraviolet) printers: A new generation of printing machines that use inks derived from plants. The inks are dried on the material with special lamps that use UV radiation. We offer prints with a moderate lifespan for interior and exterior spaces. The printers use the same range of materials as solvent printers, as well as a range of other materials such as awning material and synthetic fabrics, with printing up to 600 dpi. Their advantages are speed together with print quality, which together result in a reduction in cost.
Dye-sub printer: This prints on fabrics in a unique way, using the same sublimation inks that are used in textile mills. The machine prints on 100% synthetic fabrics, using a range of its own materials passing through a heat process that fixes and strengthens the colours. Prints at up to 720 dpi resolution. This machine also supports the Matrix Frame system.
Water-based printers: The ancestors of all printers. Machines that print using water-based inks with amazing printing tones in photographic quality. A similar range of materials to the Solvent and UV printers. These prints are designed for interior use. Print resolution from 720 to 2880 dpi.


All prints can have their form and style changed by passing through finishing processes. Here are some of the services we provide.
Lamination:Add protection and life to your prints. Machines and materials that give prints protection, endurance, and a longer lifespan, for interior and exterior spaces. Laminating film of various types are used, including glossy, matt, cast, floor, polymeric, etc.
Cutting services:Now you can be sure that no hand will cut your prints askew. Special machines that cut flexible materials in rolls with absolute precision and speed into rectangular or parallelogram shapes.
Routing services:Cuts shapes in Plexiglas, kapa and PVC surfaces, as well as adhesive materials, in outlines or internally-shaped forms.
Special finishing services:Hems, turns in fabrics, and the well-known special jobs in films and fabrics, such as reinforcements, sleeves, eyelets and hooks.





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