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Who we are

Great accomplishments of all these years are our heritage that we honour.


DIASTASIS SA was born in 1996 as one of the pioneering companies in Large Format Digital Printing with a vision to be one of the top 3 selections of customers and the highest quality partner in this field for many years to come. Through time, the market broadened, competition in Digital printing increased and we evolved into a complete solution provider in the fields of Printing, Retail Branding, Decoration and Look. Our Vision evolved too, making the standards set for ourselves even higher, including Inspiration, Imagination, Promise, Vision, Creativity, Innovation, Passion, Ingenuity, Originality, Success, Consistency, Differentiation, Challenge, Commitment, Excellence, Learning, Caring, and Flexibility as part of what we are. Having become much larger, our focus is being one of the top companies of the market and at the same time the best and friendlier overall selection for our customers. Having brought to success two big contracts for the breathtaking 2004 Olympics Look of the Games in Athens, a contract for the spectacular 2006 Pan Asian Look of the Games in Doha, another for the 2011 Special Olympics Look of the Games in Athens, more recently one more for the amazing 2014 Olympics Look of the Games in Sochi and at the same time awarded with the Best Office Interior in Europe and Best Office Interior in Greece Awards of 2013, for the offices of Coca Cola implementation, we are always truthful to our values and beliefs. This is our promise for the future too; in better or worse times; we never stop pushing our limits.


We never stop trying harder.







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