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Services-Large Projects

We have fifteen years’ presence and valuable experience in the management of large projects and productions, including the 2004 Olympic Games, the Pan-Asian Games in Doha, Qatar, in 2006, and the decoration of interior and exterior spaces at beachfront and skiing centres. For Diastasis SA, 2004 was a landmark year. Professionalism, knowledge and superb organisation, which have been our people’s guiding principles throughout our history, brought our company two of the four contracts at the Olympic Games that involved prints for the corrals and barricades, as well as fascias and vomitories for all the stadiums in Greece. However, it did not stop there. The high grade awarded us by the IOC for the fulfilment of the contracts and the projects assigned to us led to another large-scale collaboration. We were assigned to produce all the corrals in the stadiums for the Pan-Asian Games in Doha, Qatar, in 2006 and we completed the project with great success. In 2008 we undertook the decoration of the interior and exterior spaces in the Alimos Marina and the beachfront at Vouliagmeni, followed in 2009 by the Parnassus ski centre. These large projects give an indication of the company’s graphical output in terms of the range of prints and structures. In all the above projects the management and installation of the prints was carried out from our company. Another kind of guarantee that ensures the high quality of service we provide to our customers.





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