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Services-Interior spaces

The decoration of interior spaces implies the application of all kinds of digital prints to a range of indoor surfaces. Any interior site can be a means of promotion. It is very important to note here that in this category of digital prints the print quality is of great significance, since the materials are visible from very close up. For that reason, Diastasis SA has invested in technology, making special provision for printing systems that are used for interior spaces and require higher resolution printing. With a little imagination, any surface or space can be transformed with very low cost and with an excellent result, by decorating all surfaces, such as furniture and walls, with wallpaper and adhesive films. We can also construct hanging or self-supporting card displays, floor adhesives (floor graphics), graphics on tiles, staircase decorations, special cardboard constructions, Plexiglas, as well as any other kind of POP material a shop might need.





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