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Services-Exterior spaces

The decoration of exterior spaces has to do with any application that involves the exterior promotion of a brand, or a service, or a logo. Our medium here is the space itself, using in a clever and tasteful way any exterior point that could project a message. Usually, we take advantage of shop windows and plate glass, covering them totally or partially, but also other fixed or moving items such as walls, railings, doors, etc. There are many materials and hundreds of applications.
·  Digital prints on adhesive films with matt, glossy, or anti-graffiti laminate.
·  Adhesive sandblast films and printed adhesive sandblast films.
·  Colours with or without outlines.
·  One-way vision films.
·  Vinyls for the non-transparent surfaces of buildings.
·  Pole-mounted banners and flags.
The ideas are indeed inexhaustible, the result undoubtedly impressive.





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